Sunday, September 9, 2012

Adidas King of the Road 2012

Adidas King of the Road by StanZ at Garmin Connect - Details

Today 9th Sept 2012, is the King of the Road race for me, this is the 1st time I involved in the longest race when I came back running at 1 year back.

I woke up at 5:30, make a hot chocolate, eat some cake and prepare myself to go out. When I reached Sunway, it is superb jam, but I saw most of the person there also wearing the King of the Road running vest. suddenly feel a hike in the feeling, say yeah, let go out and make some running.

After getting my Motor parked, I walk to the starting line, is just very crowed in there.

The race starting at around 6:51am, I just went off the starting line for my longest ever race. I keep reminding myself, "If you do not feel you are starting too slow, than you are starting too fast."

This theory just hit me, I get off a good start at around 7 minutes per km, but I slowly, without my concious, I raise my pace from 7 minutes per km to around 6:15 minutes per km.

While I feeling good for my run, I feel I breath extremely hard when I reach KM number 9, I still keep going without stopping.

I finally include walking break into my run at KM 12, at this point of time, my heart rate is raise to around 200 per minutes. Time is getting slow, leg is getting hurt, temperature is getting hotter, everything seem not good for me.

In between a walking break, there is a girl in white cap and pink shirt, she goes off the same speed with me, I just pace with her. she also feel that we are in the same pace, we ran side by side.

when I'm off the pace, she keep on and I cover back the pace, she did the same when she off the pace as well. We went along for around 2 KM, when we headed to a ramp and is a long uphill run, I shorten my stride and goes slower, she did the same, at this time, my heart rate rose to 200 again, I cant do anything but to stop and do a walking break.

When I do the walking break, she just keep checking on me see if I going back on again. Sorry mate, wish you have a good time and good run.

Finally, I finished my run at 1:56:20, a time that fall some way off my target, but still acceptable when I really do not have much time to train for it

This is the route I ran for the king of the Road 2012
 The finisher medal for the run, it just look very nice
 Official split time for my run

 This Photo I request someone which I do not know take for me. at the finishing line
Split time for my run

Next on the calendar, is the PutraJaya night run, hope I can get a good run for it. GOGOGO StanZ the man.

Wednesday, September 5, 2012

10KM long run to prepare for King of The Road

Untitled by StanZ at Garmin Connect - Details

Today, I finally can carried out the workout as my plan.

I start of real slow and it seem like raining at KM 2.

Today I found my sweet spot for running is after KM 5, I start to get into the runner high. Heart Rate is high, but not feeling very uncomfortable, I Finished this long run at 1hour 6 minutes.

A little set back today was my right tendon is start to feeling the paint again, need to do a real message for it, wash my shoe which getting wet on yesterday run, and do some carbo load before the race.

ALL the best to you Stanley..

Monday, September 3, 2012

Untitled by StanZ at Garmin Connect - Details

Untitled by StanZ at Garmin Connect - Details

Today I plan to do a tempo run to keep my heart really beaten up. end up with the result of 31.30 minutes for 5km, a result that I can simply run and feel easy.

In today run, my heart rate is more than 200 reach around KM 4, is look like harder than my speed interval. This should be related to my running break for around 3 weeks.

today my leg and ankle felt great, no discomfort feeling for my ankle, hamstring nor any other part of my body.
although breathing very hard, but feel great, the joy of running is finally come back to me.

As a lesson, never increase your weekly mileage too soon too fast. this will harm you in the end.

Look for a better weekend run, KOTR, I'm coming.


Friday, August 31, 2012

Come Back run after 3 weeks off

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Today is the 1st run of my long break, due to the tendon Achilles.

Is not getting fully recover, but some massage can release my pain and feel better.

Plan to start a relax and real easy run after the long break, targeting at 5km with a low heart rate.

KM 1 - although I plan to start slow, but it seem still hard for me, my leg is feeling uneasy. due to overprotective of my right leg, i think i landed a little bit hard for my left leg. My hamstring is feeling fatigue and uneasy

KM 2 - thought will going to be better when getting into my second KM, the feeling is still the same. can't believe with around 7 minutes/km will keep me working so hard. is start to halving and puffing now. and look at my watch, my heart rate is shoot up incredibly to a 185 at this pace. 7 minutes/km

KM 3 - getting into the feel now, the feeling is getting easy(or my body get use to it?) look at the watch, still going around 7 minutes/km. keep up and start thinking if i can get 1km going faster

KM 4 - start to picking up the speed from here, raising my pace and stride, although my hamstring give me some hard time, but i felt great and the good feeling of running is coming back, not as the harder feeling that i thought it will came. feeling superb now.

KM 5 -  slow down for recovery run, at the last 500 meter, did an easy sprint to finish off the run. my left knee feel sloppy, hamstring feel uneasy, end 5km with around 33 minutes

looking forward for my second run, Adidas King of the Road is 9th sept, what i wish here is i can finish it within 1 hours and 50 minutes.


Saturday, August 25, 2012

Time is still not right for running

Day 14 without running, thank to the tendon Achilles.

Today is the 14th days, the leg still feel uncomfortable for normal walking. Initially I thought it will be fine if I take 2 weeks off for my running schedule, but the situation is not as expected.

Adidas King of The Road is at 9th Sept, which it 2 weeks from now, not spend a single day to train for it. now still doubt if I will run it. My half marathon debut will be at 20th Oct, seem like I also do not have time to prepare for it.

Time without running, is not as hard as I expected, time goes, I can go on my relax schedule. The only little things that feel weird is that I feel like I have little thing not done in my life. Maybe is this the feeling that many people talking about, when you love running, you cannot get it out from your life.

Will take another week off for my Achilles to recover, hope everything go well for my leg and I can at least get some training for my Half Marathon debut.

Tomorrow will be better, should always spread the positive energy.


Good day ahead

Sunday, August 19, 2012

Fresh start for a running journal

Today is the ninth days straight without running.

After suffering from Tendon Achilles in my right foot, I had to stop running to get it from recovery.

Nine days without running might mean little to others, but since I coming back from running few years back(might be 3 years back), I never stop for such a long time without any valid reasons. 

I am healthy, do not have long vacation, do not have any others life interference, but yet I can't get back to running. My next race is around the corner, definitely do not have enough time to prepare for it Adidas King of The Road 2012 for 16.8km. 

My 1st attempt for half marathon is at 20th Oct. I should be in the middle of my training plan and should get working hard on the speed work. But yet i still sitting in home, writing this blog.

Hope my tendon Achilles will recover soon and let me get back to running, I missed the time the sweat all over me and my heart is working just hard.

Get well soon.