Sunday, September 9, 2012

Adidas King of the Road 2012

Adidas King of the Road by StanZ at Garmin Connect - Details

Today 9th Sept 2012, is the King of the Road race for me, this is the 1st time I involved in the longest race when I came back running at 1 year back.

I woke up at 5:30, make a hot chocolate, eat some cake and prepare myself to go out. When I reached Sunway, it is superb jam, but I saw most of the person there also wearing the King of the Road running vest. suddenly feel a hike in the feeling, say yeah, let go out and make some running.

After getting my Motor parked, I walk to the starting line, is just very crowed in there.

The race starting at around 6:51am, I just went off the starting line for my longest ever race. I keep reminding myself, "If you do not feel you are starting too slow, than you are starting too fast."

This theory just hit me, I get off a good start at around 7 minutes per km, but I slowly, without my concious, I raise my pace from 7 minutes per km to around 6:15 minutes per km.

While I feeling good for my run, I feel I breath extremely hard when I reach KM number 9, I still keep going without stopping.

I finally include walking break into my run at KM 12, at this point of time, my heart rate is raise to around 200 per minutes. Time is getting slow, leg is getting hurt, temperature is getting hotter, everything seem not good for me.

In between a walking break, there is a girl in white cap and pink shirt, she goes off the same speed with me, I just pace with her. she also feel that we are in the same pace, we ran side by side.

when I'm off the pace, she keep on and I cover back the pace, she did the same when she off the pace as well. We went along for around 2 KM, when we headed to a ramp and is a long uphill run, I shorten my stride and goes slower, she did the same, at this time, my heart rate rose to 200 again, I cant do anything but to stop and do a walking break.

When I do the walking break, she just keep checking on me see if I going back on again. Sorry mate, wish you have a good time and good run.

Finally, I finished my run at 1:56:20, a time that fall some way off my target, but still acceptable when I really do not have much time to train for it

This is the route I ran for the king of the Road 2012
 The finisher medal for the run, it just look very nice
 Official split time for my run

 This Photo I request someone which I do not know take for me. at the finishing line
Split time for my run

Next on the calendar, is the PutraJaya night run, hope I can get a good run for it. GOGOGO StanZ the man.

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